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President Masahiro TatsumisagoOsaka Prefecture University (OPU) is an institute of advanced research that provides regional academic support and aspires to make a global impact. Since the founding of the university in 1949, our predecessors have strived to make OPU a center of knowledge creation where new ideas are formed across local and disciplinary boundaries.

We embrace this progressive spirit in our constant efforts to take on new challenges and seek connections that break barriers. By following in our predecessor’s footsteps and emulating their good qualities, we will maintain a long-term perspective while paying attention to short-term results – to become a university that ranks with the world in research power .

Our research capacity is one to achieve this goal. A defining aspect of OPU is the advancement of an interdisciplinary approach, as we bring about advanced and creative research unlike anywhere else. We accelerate such efforts in part by establishing research facilities in new fields of study where researchers from differing academic domains can collaborate, as we boldly embark towards solutions to contemporary issues facing our world.

I firmly believe that exposure to advanced research is the most effective form of education.

Through an ongoing process of growth and the reform of our academic disciplinary system, we aim to enhance the education level and reach of our Bachelor’s degree programs. Additionally, with the goal of training the next generation of leaders to take the global stage, we have created a framework to develop wide-ranging specializations through research in our Master’s and Doctoral programs. We also hope to strengthen our role as a public university by giving back to our community through our research and by training and producing talent capable of making both local and international contributions.

I often ask undergraduate and graduate students alike where they see themselves in 20 or 30 years. We take pride in being a university where our students make firm goals for the future, and work to turn themselves into the people they want to be. It gives us great pleasure to welcome many more young people to come study with us.

Masahiro Tatsumisago
Osaka Prefecture University

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