Osaka Prefecture University

About OPU

Welcome to Osaka Prefecture University (OPU) official website. We hope you will enjoy and find something you need. And feel free to contact International Office if needed.

Our university has a starting base on the training school for veterinary sciences which was founded in 1883. In 1949, the old OPU was established by Osaka Prefecture which was one of public university in Osaka. Since then, the number of students had increased and increased. Integrating three public universities in Osaka (old Osaka Prefecture University, Osaka Women’s University and Osaka Prefectural College of Nursing), we initiated new OPU as public university corporation in 2005.

We have three campuses (Nakamozu campus, Habikino campus and Rinku campus) and one downtown satellite office (I-site Namba). Nakamozu campus is the main campus which is located in Sakai-city. It takes one hour from Kansai International Airport. Having the tradition of creative and innovative idea, the people in this local area have been pioneers in both technology and culture.

We have four colleges with thirteen schools for undergraduate students. There are about 6,000 undergraduate students. In our program for undergraduates, international students should have Japanese language ability. We have also seven graduate schools. There are about 1.500 students for master degree and 500 students for doctor degree. For master students in Graduate School of Engineering, there is a course in English. For doctor students in three graduate schools, candidates need not have Japanese language ability if they have English language ability.

We have International house (I-wing Nakamozu) in our main campus. Then international students have chance to live there for their first year with Japanese resident assistants. There are various activities to promote internationalization of the university there. OPU also accepts Internship students as exchange students from abroad.

If you would like to find a right faculty member whose research area concerns to yours, please find the following list. And we would also appreciate you if you could visit our university facebook page in English which might be helpful for you to catch our recent topics.

Once again, thank you for visiting our website.