Osaka Prefecture University


Library at Nakamozu Campus

The library is located inside the Library and Science Information Center. Its large collection covers a broad range of publications such as Japanese and foreign books, back numbers of academic journals and materials for education and research, etc. The facility with two above-ground floors and two under-ground floors has audio & visual booths and rooms and spaces for computer workstation. It is open to the residents of Osaka Prefecture and those who commute to the prefecture to work or study.


U Hall Shirasagi

With a capacity of 1,200 people, this hall is utilized not only for educational and research activities of the university, but also used for the benefit of prefectural residents through programs such as open lectures and cultural events.


Conference Hall

This hall with a capacity of 300 people has a main hall, a small hall, a special conference room equipped with a simultaneous interpreting system and a salon for a variety of uses to promote academic exchanges among the industry, the university and the government.


Habikino Health Sciences Library

This is one of the largest libraries specialized in healthcare and nursing in Japan, containing a collection of about 130,000 books, 1,000 journals and 3,900 audio & visual materials. The system is networking with libraries in and out of Japan, which fully supports education for the university students. It also shares the information with the local medical-related people for the purpose of developing advanced specialists to meet the needs of today’s fast-changing healthcare.


Lecture Hall (Habikino)

This 911-seat hall, equipped with state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems can be used for a variety of educational and research activities of the university as well as community and cultural events for local residents.