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Precise Nanospectroscopy of Single Molecules : Scientists Created a New Method to Characterize the Properties of Nanomaterials under Observation

LastUpDate: July 02, 2021

A research team led by the Surface and Interface Science Laboratory of RIKEN, and Prof. Hajime ISHIHARA at the Graduate School of Engineering of Osaka Prefecture University and the Graduate School of Engineering Science of Osaka University has created a method for precise nanospectroscopy to directly measure the properties of nanomaterials observing with atomic-resolution microscope techniques.

In this work, the team combined a narrow-line tunable laser with STM to highly achieve state-selective nanoscale excitation, enabling precise characterization of the electronic and vibrational states of single molecules with micro– electron volt energy resolution. In addition to that, the team has succeeded in identification of chemical species, observing a Stark effect in nanocavity systems, and elucidating its mechanism.

This research was published in the scientific journal “Science” on July 2, 2021.

Paper Information

Title : Single-molecule laser nanospectroscopy with micro–electron volt energy resolution

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