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Research Forefront ! Osaka Prefecture University’s Research Seeds and Findings Concerning COVID-19

LastUpDate: June 02, 2020

Under circumstances in which speedy research and development relating to COVID-19 are required, Osaka Prefecture University (President: Masahiro Tatsumisago) is pursuing a variety of studies and efforts to cope with COVID-19 and the resulting social changes. In this article, we introduce the three efforts that are considered socially implementable in the near future.

Research Seeds and Findings

Professor Masahiro Yasuda
Materials Science, Graduate School of Engineering

Development of an ozone-disinfection-type gas purification device

Associate Professor Chihiro Nakagawa
Mechanical Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering

Findings on remote classes (active learning) through practice

Professor Junji Souda
College of Sustainable System Sciences, Graduate School of Humanities and Sustainable System Sciences

Follow-up study on mental state of children under psychological therapy during COVID-19 pandemic


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