Osaka Prefecture University

OPU International Students Explored Misaki Town by Bicycle

LastUpDate: January 21, 2022

On November 23, 2021, OPU international students from Bangladesh, China, and Vietnam participated in the “Cycling Tour to Discover the Charm of Misaki Town”.

Misaki Town promotes cycle tourism, which enables them to promote eco-friendly tourism.
This program aims to provide students an opportunity to know the joy of cycle tourism, to learn about the charms of the area, and to interact with the local residents.

Thanks to the support of Mr. Matsuoka, vice mayor of Misaki Town, staff of the town office, and volunteer guides, the group visited Sairyo Ancient Tomb, Funamori Shrine, Udohaka Ancient Tomb, Sennan Satoumi Park, Osaka Prefecture Youth Marine Center, Fuke Port, Richiin Temple, and other tourist spots. It was a valuable experience for the international students to feel the nature and learn about Japanese culture and history.
The participants said, “The scenery of Misaki Town was beautiful. I would like to come back here again.”, “I was impressed by their hospitality of the people of Misaki Town.” and “I enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the town, and learned about its history.”.

This program is a part of the collaboration project between Misaki Town local government and OPU supported by the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) International Student Community Exchange Program, funded by the Nakajima Foundation. Both parties have continued to implement a variety of exchange programs for international students and residents since 2011.




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