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OPU Team Won the 1st Prize in Student English Presentation Contest

LastUpDate: December 27, 2021

On November 28, 2021, the Student English Presentation Contest was held by the Consortium of Universities in Osaka.

In total 12 groups from various universities in the region proposed solutions to the social issues that they can tackle in line with the SDGs based on their own experience amid the pandemic.
Among the excellent presentation, team MaB from OPU won the 1st Prize.

They presented “Phased-discussion and Emotional-facilitation for Productive Social Invention”.

Presentation Outline

There are abundant online infrastructures for work-from-home because of the pandemic, but the productivity of our society hasn’t improved. Our project aims to improve the social productivity, with a systematic discussion design which can discuss efficiently and facilitate participants’ actions. This mostly focus on SDGs goal 8, but also be able to achieve goal 3, mental health, and goal 4, effective learning.

Comments from Team MaB

Team MaB

Graduate School of Humanities and Sustainable System Sciences, Master’s course of Sustainable System Sciences, The 2nd year

College of Life, Environment, and Advanced Sciences, School of Applied Life Sciences, The 1st year


The reason why we are interested in was a contest with a theme that matched our preference of presentations and our desire to communicate something in English.
We really appreciate to have an opportunity to give such a presentation. Through the preparation for the topic of competition, we could contemplate what we can do for the sustainable society well. Our object was brought out by our experiences of the online classes at the university under this pandemic situation. So, we are very glad that this prize means the value of our actual problem consciousness. We believe that we can change something to the better society even though under this pandemic situation.

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