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OPU Professor’s Scientific Artwork Featured on the Cover of “Nano Letters”

LastUpDate: December 23, 2021

an Artwork Featured on the Cover of “Nano Letters”A scientific artwork by Associate Professor Yan Xu’s group at Department of Chemical Engineering is featured on the cover of the academic journal “Nano Letters”, along with the publication of their paper, titled “Fabrication of Nanoscale Gas–Liquid Interfaces in Hydrophilic/Hydrophobic Nanopatterned Nanofluidic Channels”. Prof. Yan Xu with his colleagues Hiroto Kawagishi (doctoral student) and Professor Shuichi Kawamata of the Department of Quantum and Radiation Engineering coauthored the paper.

  • Supplementary cover (Nano Letters, ACS Publications Website)
    Nanoscale gas‒liquid interfaces fabricated in hydrophilic/hydrophobic nanopatterned nanofluidic channels offers the possibility to precisely enrich targeted molecules at a well-defined nanoscale space, revolutionarily impacting a variety of chemical, physical, and biological processes and applications in the future.

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