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Our International Students gave speeches in OPU, OCU and KU’s Japanese Speech Contest 2021

LastUpDate: December 17, 2021

On November 21, 2021, the 5th OPU, OCU and KU’s Japanese Speech Contest for International Students was held online. The event was organized by Osaka Prefecture University, Osaka City University and Kansai University.

In this contest, two students from each university competed with each other in a 5-minute speech. Six international students gave speeches on the theme of “Cross-cultural exchange” in Japanese. They talked about what they felt through their experiences in Japan, and all the speeches were fascinating.

Two representatives from OPU, Mr. DENG Haoyu (China, College of Engineering) and Mr. HU Yuteng (China, Graduate school of Engineering) got the incentive award.

We hope that this event will encourage international students to learn the Japanese language and culture, and have various cultural experiences during their stay in Japan.

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