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An International Student Won an Excellent Prize in a Business Contest

LastUpDate: November 30, 2020

On October 31, The Sakai-style Business Contest ( SBC )  was held at Sakai-Shin-Jigyo-Sozo-Center (S-Cube). Aphayvong Sengsavang, a graduate school student advised by Professor Takeshi Yoshimura, was selected as a winner in the business contest.

The SBC is held with the aim of discovering and developing products, technologies and services that are useful for the implementation and spread of new lifestyles and working styles  under COVID-19.

Aphayvong proposed an idea “Simple Three Cs Detection System”. This idea is based on the vibration energy harvester technology that Professor Yoshimura is researching. Aphayvong built the idea with his adviser and he got the prize in the contest.


The winner

Aphayvong Sengsavang
OPU Graduate School of Engineering, Physics and Electronics, Physics of novel device group (the first year)

The winning idea

“Simple Three Cs Detection System”

Location confirmation system for medium and large-scale offices.

Simply to get terminal information of smartphones via Bluetooth, it is possible to detect the Three Cs and track infected COVID-19 patients  nearby in the office . There is no need to read QR codes or install applications.

The winner’s comment

At first, this “Simple Three Cs Detection System” has been developed to help preventing the spreading of COVID-19 and to help our lab’s members working smoothly during the pandemic. Then, we realized that the system can be applicable to our normal life and can help us to effectively live our life without fear and worry about an outbreaking of the COVID-19. I myself have been interested in start-up and doing business, getting supports from Associate Prof. Takeshi Yoshimura. To make our idea more practical and take part in developing our social life from now on. We began to develop our business idea and decided to join this competition. I believe that the achievement in this competition can accelerate our works and we will do our best to demonstrate the system to the New Normal life as soon as possible.


Graduate School of Engineering, Physics and Electronics, Physics of novel device group  Associate professor  Takeshi Yoshimura

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