Osaka Prefecture University

Message from the President “About the policy and way of thinking of the second semester at Osaka Prefecture University”

LastUpDate: June 01, 2020

At our university, we have established a policy to prevent COVID-19 and have been working hard to prevent the spread of infection. During this time, the students were not able to come to the university and suffered great inconvenience and difficulty in their research and educational activities.

As you know, the emergency declaration issued to Osaka Prefecture by the government on April 7th was lifted on May 21st. On the same day, the contents of emergency measures in Osaka Prefecture were also revised, and the request for suspension of operation was lifted on the condition that the university comply with “standard measures for infection prevention” based on “New Lifestyle”.

Upon restarting university activities from now on, faculty and staff will also thoroughly implement “standard measures for infection prevention” and prepare to provide students peace of mind when they come to campus. Students should also try to act with proper infection control measures such as “Avoid the Three Cs” and maintain social distance. Let’s work together with all the students and faculty members of the University to thoroughly implement “New Lifestyle”.

Regarding various activities after June, we will review the university’s policy and gradually restart them as follows.

1. On-campus entrance

The entrance prohibition has been lifted since June 1st. However, for the time being, unless you absolutely need to come to campus, such as for research activities instructed by your supervisors or face-to-face procedures at an administrative department, please refrain from coming to campus.

2. About the class

Lecture-type courses starting in the Spring semester will continue to be held online.

Face-to-face classes like laboratory experiments and practical trainings are scheduled to gradually begin from June 15th (Monday), starting with the subjects that are ready. The points to keep in mind while attending face-to-face classes will be provided by that time.

3. Research activities

Regarding research activities, please follow the instructions of your supervisor.

Please try to stay in the laboratory for the shortest possible time.

4. Extracurricular activities

Only limited activities will be allowed for extracurricular activity groups which submits the “Extracurricular Activity Plan” to the Student Affairs Division and obtain permission.

In principle, the activities are limited to campus activities.

5. Upon coming to campus

Make sure to wear a mask when coming to campus.

Frequently, wash or disinfect your hands and fingers.

If you use public transportation, be careful of infection and avoid using it during the busy hours.

Please manage your physical condition and record your morning and evening temperature daily. If you feel unwell, please refrain from coming to campus.

When coming to the university, try to make note of people you met, and when and where you met them, in case you start to get sick.

6. Other

All of the latest information can be found via the campus portal site and the University website, including the status of the libraries and facilities, so please check them regularly.

June 1, 2020

Masahiro Tatsumisago
President, Osaka Prefecture University