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OPU International Students Visited Elementary Schools in Misaki Town

LastUpDate: October 08, 2019

On September 6, 2019, we had field trip for international students. 21 international students from China, Afghanistan, Thai, Vietnam, Bangladesh, France, Germany, 2 Japanese students and 3 university staffs joined to this program. Additionally, 4 international students from Osaka City University participated in the trip. For this year, we visited Misaki town which has southernmost of Osaka.

The Field Trip 2019 is subsidized by the Nakajima Foundation and supported by JASSO, Japan Student Services Organization. Furthermore, the trip supported by Misaki Town Office, Misaki Town Board of Education, and local elementary schools.

In the morning, students visited Tanagawa and Fuke elementary school. Both schools are small-scale school and they have a nursery in the school. International students were highly welcomed by nursery and elementary school children. International students visited all classes and had lunch together with school children. One of the students said, “I am impressed that Japanese elementary education focuses on understanding of others.”

Each participant discovered something new, even though it was a short visit.

In the afternoon, international students visited Osaka Prefectural Youth Marine Center and enjoyed marine sports.

International students had fruitful experience through this program for a day.


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