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Novel technology to enhance tissue regeneration-3D culture platform enabling multi-directional observations

LastUpDate: June 10, 2016

A team of researchers including Dr. Hagiwara (N2RC, Osaka Prefecture University) and Dr. Kawahara (Kyushu Institute of Technology) succeeded in developing a novel 3D culture platform enabling us to obtain multi-directional views of bio-samples during culturing. A 3D recognition of cultured cell / tissue can be achieved without expensive microscope and it is expected to contribute largely to the researches in the field of regeneration of 3D tissue outside of body.

The results of this research were published on-line in the Advanced Healthcare Materials (John Wiley & Sons, Inc) at April 29th, 2016.

Tissue in Cube: In Vitro 3D Culturing Platform with Hybrid Gel Cubes for Multidirectional Observations

Important Points

  • 3D tissue / cell culture platform was developed to achieve multi-directional observations
  • 3D recognition of cultured sample can be achieved without laser microscopy system
  • The spatial resolution of z-direction can be significantly improved to visualize protein distribution or inside structure by employing fluorescent imaging
  • The device can be fabricated with low cost and it is compatible to most of commercial instruments
  • It has potential to contribute largely to regenerative medicine by recognizing 3D sample without damage


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Dr. Masaya Hagiwara

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