Osaka Prefecture University

Greetings from the Director

Jyoji Yamate

Osaka Prefecture University founded a path-breaking ‘Organization for Research Promotion’ (ORP) in April, 2017. With its emphasis on promoting interdisciplinary research that benefits industry, economy, culture and education, it is certainly an inspiration for our mission of creating “cutting-edge research for a global age.”
ORP is determined to improve the function of Research Organization for the 21st Century, being a base for innovating strategic educational program and integrated research activities. It also manages Research Organization for University-Community Collaborations which is purposed to contribute to the community by offering various open lectures, by providing a framework that promotes partnerships among government, industry and university and fosters commercialization of knowledge. Under the supervision of ORP, they are ever interactive and developing a strong structure where high quality research activities can be conducted comprehensively.
ORP consists of five key centers; ‘Research Center for the 21st Century,’ ‘Radiation Research Center,’ ‘Center for Research and Development of Bioresources,’ ‘Research Center for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy,’ and ‘R&D Center for the plant Factory,’ reinforced by the associated organizations – ‘Research Center for Advanced Sciences’ and ‘Collaboration Research Center for Science and Technology.’
ORP is positively oriented to offer strategies for interdisciplinary researches. By providing effective framework that strengthens tripartite partnerships among government, industry and university, it proclaims innovation. On the basis of viewpoints of the glocal, the organization also focuses on analyzing the latest trends of local industry and global trends for society to formulate mid to long term research strategies that contributes to achieve the strategic goals of Osaka Prefecture University. Education, research and community contributions are important principles for cutting-edge research for a global age.
In 21st century, education, science, technology, economy, trade and industry are closely interwoven. Each of them has developed and evolved so deeply that we need to realize our responsibility as a citizen of the world for the environmental sustainability.
ORP has a mission of becoming an academic base of Osaka Prefecture as well as a business incubator geared toward speeding up the growth and success of startup and early stage research activities.
In the view of OPU and Osaka City University integration, OPR will also initiate the tasks of planning strong strategies for making the base for global researches.
As the Director of ORP, I appreciate your support and partnership to achieve the University’s goal – create the cutting edge research organization for a global age.

Jyoji Yamate
Director / Organization for Research Promotion