Osaka Prefecture University

Research Center for the 21st Century

Research Center for the 21st Century

The “Research Center for the 21st Century” was established at Osaka Prefecture University to promote multidisciplinary collaborative research across different scientific fields and departments.

Consisting of two types of category of research laboratories with an organized yet flexible framework, RC-21 not only carried out innovative research as part of leading university but also contributes to the local community and government by acting as a think-tank and breathing new life into public service.

Research Center for the 21st Century brochure(1.8MB)


Instruction of Institutes

  • Category 1:Institutes that faculty members run initiatively
  • Category 2:Institutes founded by the President for strategic studies and researches

Bio-life science

Medical / Nursing

Health science

Social system

Region / Community / Life support

Society cooperation

Idea / Culture

Information / Communication


Manufacturing technology

Environment / Energy

Nano / Material