Osaka Prefecture University


Osaka Prefecture University has a long and rich history, dating back to its founding as a training school for veterinary science.


Former Osaka Prefecture University (Naniwa University) was established by the merger of seven technical schools. It placed a strong emphasis on “practical learning,” thus offering the courses in the areas of engineering, agriculture, economics, integrated arts and sciences and social welfare.

Osaka Women’s University was established to provide innnovative education and research that is still highly evaluated internationally in the area of women’s studies today, producing a great number of women leaders.


Osaka Prefecture College of Nursing was founded to develop advanced clinical specialists who can meet the fast-changing needs of the medical field in an age of the declining birthrate and aging population. It originally started as Osaka Prefecture Junior College of Nursing in 1978.


Osaka Prefecture University became a public university corporation through the integration of the former Osaka Prefecture University, Osaka Women’s University and Osaka Prefecture College of Nursing.

Each of the three institutions had been making a great contribution to the advancement of education and academic research and to the development of exceptional human resources for more than half a century, and Osaka Prefecture University inherited the value, asset and history of each institution for further development and contribution to people and society at home and abroad.