Osaka Prefecture University

Healthcare Service

Annual Check up

The Healthcare Center provides the medical check up for university students every April. All the students are required to take the examination. For detailed information, please check the international students’ bulletin board as well as “Topics & Information” on this Web site in March. If you are unable to take the check up on the specified date, inform the staff in advance.

Health Counseling

The university clinic provides free consultation service for students’ physical and mental health and first-aid treatment. As a general rule, the service is available by appointment.

Visit for Reservation

Nakamozu Campus Healthcare Center (B16)
Habikino & Rinku Campus Administrative Office

Call for Reservation during 9:00 a.m. to 5:45 p.m.

Nakamozu Campus Tel 072-254-9985
Habikino Campus Tel 072-950-2120
Rinku Campus Tel 072-463-5748

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National Health Insurance

All the international students including their family members living in Japan for over three months are required to have National Health Insurance (NHI): the NHI policy holder shall pay 30% of the medical cost incurred, and the rest (70%) shall be covered by the insurance. Those whose income is lower than a certain income line are eligible for partial waiver of the premium. Please visit the National Health Insurance Section of your local municipal office for the enrollment and detailed information.

National Pension

If you are over 20 years old, you must join the National Pension Fund, regardless of your intended period of stay in Japan. Please visit the National Pension Section of your local municipal office for joining this program.
If your income is considered to be less than a pre-determined income level, your insurance fee may be waived.
If a member of the National Pension Fund becomes disabled or deceased, the member could collect the National Pension if their necessary requirements are satisfied.

University Injury and Accident Insurance (Gakkensai)

When a student is physically injured in an accident during classes, break time, research, experiment or extracurricular activities and see a doctor as directed by the university, part or all of the cost incurred on the first visit (except hospitalization expenses) will be covered by the insurance. All students are advised to take out an insurance policy.

For application, contact the office below

Nakamozu Campus Student Affairs Division
(the 1st floor, A3)
Habikino & Rinku Campuses Administrative Office

Free Medical Consultation in Various Languages

Free medical consultation is available in English, Chinese, Thai, Portuguese, Spanish and Korean at the organization below.

【AMDA International Medical Information Center】
Please check “AMDA” website

AMDA Medical Information Center website