Osaka Prefecture University

Life in the Community

1) Emergency telephone numbers

*Traffic accident, robbery etc. » Call the POLICE at 110
*Fire & ambulance » Call the FIRE STATION at 119

2) Garbage disposal

Garbage should be taken out to a designated place during a designated period of time on designated days of the week. Collection rules differ by area or by apartment, and the recyclable trash should be separated from non-recyclable garbage. Ask your landlord or neighbors about the information of your area/apartment.

3) Moving

BEFORE moving

  1. National Health Insurance program : In case you move out of the city, go to the municipal office to notify them of your move and withdraw from the program.
  2. Utility Charge : Call utility and other service companies (electricity, gas, water, telephone, NHK subscription, cell phone etc.) to inform them of your move and moving date at least one week prior to your move.
  3. Mail Forwarding Service : After you move out, mails sent to your former address can be forwarded to your new address for one year. Fill in and submit (or send) the Change of Address Notice at the post office.

AFTER moving

  1. International Office : Notify the staff of your address change.
  2. National Health Insurance program & Alien Registration : Participate in the National Health Insurance program, and report the address change to the municipal office for alien registration.
  3. Bank : Notify them of your address change.

4) Student Discount/Free Pass

There are various discount passes/coupons available for students


Regular students (undergraduate and graduate) are eligible for a student pass. When purchasing the pass, present your Student Certificate issued by the university to get a discount. Non-regular students and research students can purchase a commuters pass. The discount rates can be checked at railroad stations and online.

b)Free Pass for cultural facilities

Osaka Foundation of International Exchange (OFIX) provides students with a “College Student” status with free passes for certain historic spots, museums and other cultural facilities. The pass is issued around April and October to eligible students through the International Office.