Osaka Prefecture University

Shirasagi Dormitory


Location A 10-minute walk from OPU (close to Nankai koya Line ”Shirasagi”)
Address 1-24 /1-25, Shirasagi–cho, Higasi-ku, Sakai city, Osaka 599-8107
Facility 1 bed room with kitchen & bathroom (single)
2 bed rooms with kitchen & bathroom (family)
air-conditioner / washing machine / vacuum / refrigerator / table chair / microwave
Management service office hour : 10:00 to 16:00 (except Wed & holidays)
Period of Use one year
Rent 48,000 yen / month (incl. commons service charge, water & utilities (family)

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Student Affairs Group, Student Affairs Division

Tel 072-254-6243Email gakuseki_ryugakusei[at]
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