Osaka Prefecture University

Inquiries about Academic Records

Osaka Prefecture University will not disclose the academic records of any student, including graduates, university dropouts, and current students, without their consent in order to maintain the security of personal information.

If you wish to confirm a student’s academic record, please ask them first for their graduation certificate, official transcript, or another similar document.

For companies that require such things as background checks, we will confirm the accuracy of any information regarding a candidate’s academic record or the authenticity of any certificates or other documents issued by Osaka Prefecture University in accordance with the conditions and procedures below.


You must obtain a letter of consent from a candidate that authorizes Osaka Prefecture University to provide their personal information to your company or organization.

How to inquire

Please send an email with the subject “Inquiry about academic records” to the contact below.

Please make sure to enclose the following documents and information when inquiring:

  1.  A personal information disclosure letter with the candidate’s signature.
  2.  A copy of the candidate’s ID card.
  3.  A copy of a certificate, official transcript, or other similar document issued by the university.
  4.  The candidate’s full name, date of birth, faculty/graduate school/department, and the items you want to confirm.


  • We only accept inquiries via e-mail. Any inquiries over the counter or by phone, fax, or mail cannot be accepted.
  • It may take one week or more for you to receive a response.
  • We are unable to reply while our office is closed (for example, during the summer break and winter holidays). Please understand that we may require extra time to respond.
  • Any inquiries about items unrelated to a student’s academic record cannot be accepted.
  • Please understand that we may not be able to respond to some cases even if they are related to academic records.


Educational Planning Section, Educational Affairs Division

E-mail gr-kyik-n-shoumei[at] *Please change [at] to @.