Osaka Prefecture University

Graduate School of Science


To the Frontier of Science

Graduate School of Science

Leading the field of science by discovering new phenomena and their principles

Mathematical Sciences

The course develops research in the integrated fields of mathematical science and information science. Focusing on the theoretical organization of information science and the development of practical software, the course trains individuals to have both mathematical insight and modeling abilities.

Physical Science

The course fosters highly trained professionals who are internationally active in the advanced study of physical science with the goal of discovering and explaining new physical phenomena and their principles.


Focusing on three different fields of advanced chemistry, molecular creation, molecular function, and molecular analysis, the course allows students to acquire advanced knowledge of chemistry and become leaders in breakthrough research.

Biological Science

The course explores the mechanisms of various life phenomena from DNA and proteins to ecosystem levels and fosters specialists in bioscience who possess a high degree of expertise and the ability to think outside the box.

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