Osaka Prefecture University


Applied Life Sciences

Applied Life Sciences

The aim of the course is to explain various functions and phenomena pertaining to all life forms (animals, plants, micro-organisms), having mastered bioscience and biotechnology research techniques. A further aim is to continue developing applied technologies through a fusion and competition between the multitudinous disciplines of cutting-edge life sciences.

Under these guidelines, our courses are divided into three units: Applied Biological Chemistry, Bioscience and informatics, and Plant Bioscience. Mutual links between the units are maintained, enabling us to offer education and research in animal, plant and micro-organism bioscience. Our aim is to nurture human resources able to develop beneficial resources and contribute to the development of biotechnology.

Environmental Sciences and Technology

Environmental Sciences and Technology

Environmental Sciences and Technology is a new applied academic discipline which uses ecological research methods to deal with problems relating to green areas. The aim of the discipline is to create and maintain ecologically healthy urban areas and to protect the environment.
Our course aims to nurture outstanding human resources who are well versed in high level technology and research methods relating to landscape environment science, through the following:

  1. Measurement and evaluation of the dynamic state of the environment and the interaction between mankind and various environmental elements such as the atmosphere, water, earth and animals, and the development and implementation of technology relating to management and control of a healthy sustainable system.
  2. Understanding what urban and natural ecological systems consist of, so as to develop and implement technology relating to green space management, ecological design methods and green technologies for the creation and maintenance of health urban green spaces and the environment.

We also wish to contribute to the regional development and environment related industries.

Veterinary Science

Veterinary Sciences

In the world of veterinary sciences, an all-encompassing discipline relating to the medical treatment of animals, a range of issues relating to food and medicine safety and social welfare has come to the fore: increasingly complex treatments for animals, the threat of cross-infections between animals and humans due to increased movements of people and goods thanks to the growth in international exchange, and the development of new drugs and improved productivity of livestock thanks to biotechnology.

The aim of the course in Veterinary Sciences is to give the technology, scholarship and insight, and to bring together the knowledge and technology which had been divided according to disciplines in the Applied Animal Sciences course, this in order to create specialists able to contribute to public health and the diagnosis and treatment of sick animals. We also aim to nurture international specialists able to utilize their singular leadership skills in the field of animal biomedicine, which is inextricably linked to higher animals whose social needs are ever growing.