Osaka Prefecture University


Sustainable System Sciences

The Sustainable System Sciences Department comprises three general areas of study: knowledge and information systems, environmental systems, and clinical psychology.
Within these areas, the Department carries out education and research in informatics, environmental studies, social systems theory, cognition and behavior, and a number of disciplines within clinical psychology, with a view to transcending understanding based on conventional frameworks of the past. Through these innovative research and educational activities, and through promoting intellectual exchange that bridges individual scholarly domains, the Department aims to cultivate persons who will be able to actualize the goal of implementing a sustainable society.

Language and Culture

The Language and Culture major provides a research environment geared to training people who possess a high level of understanding of their own and other cultures, who can precisely process language and information, and are adept at international information transmission involving diverse media. The major encompasses research in such areas as Japanese language and culture, the language and culture of the English speaking world, Japanese linguistics, Japanese language education, English education, linguistic and information science, sociolinguistics, and contrastive linguistics. By undertaking study in a variety of these interrelated areas, students will be empowered to conduct research based on a broad and diverse outlook.

Human Sciences

This academic major is divided into four fields: Modern Thought, Gender Studies, Educational Theory, and Cultural Studies. The department encompasses various fields of research, including sociology, philosophy, ethics, and history. In discussing and sharing your ideas with professors and students in related fields, you will be able to expand the scope of your own thought processes.

Social Welfare

This academic major is divided into two fields: social welfare as a means of assistance and social welfare policy management. We cover various research themes: public assistance, child abuse, disability welfare, and social care of the elderly.