Osaka Prefecture University

Graduate School of Humanities and Sustainable System Sciences


The issue of how humanity is to secure a sustainable future is of central importance in the modern age. To deal with this complex issue effectively requires an overarching viewpoint capable of synthesizing detailed current knowledge from numerous academic disciplines. The Graduate School of Humanities and Sustainable System Sciences embraces research and education from a diverse range of disciplines in the sciences and humanities to cultivate individuals who are capable of contributing to the goal of achieving sustainable society.

Sustainable System Sciences

Sustainable System Sciences course of study is committed to training individuals capable of tackling issues related to the implementation of sustainable society. To this end, this course carries out cutting-edge education and scholarly research encompassing the areas of informatics, environmental science, cognition and behavior, and clinical psychology, and promotes active scholarly exchange bridging a wide variety of academic disciplines.

Language and Culture

Conducting multifaceted research on various issues related to languages and cultures, this course of study fosters the development of the high level of expertise required by those capable of serving as leaders in an information society and working actively in the global community.

Human Sciences

This course of study allows students to enroll in theme-oriented course work in order to carry out cross-disciplinary research involving areas such as gender studies, educational theory, and cultural and historical studies.

Social Welfare

This course of study offers opportunities to study and conduct research on theories and methodologies of social welfare, social work, social policies, social systems, and other related areas that affect people’s lives and well-being.

KAMIGATA Culture Research Center

This center serves as a research base for Kamigata culture and literature, providing open seminars for people from the community.

Center for Clinical Psychology

As a certified training facility for clinical psychologists, this counseling center is open to the public and provides a clinical practice facility for graduate students.

Women’s Studies Center

The Women’s Studies Center is responsible for research on women’s and gender studies, and on cooperation between the sexes. The Center is actively involved in undergraduate and graduate education in women’s and gender studies, and promotes exchange between persons working to solve problems related to gender equality.