Osaka Prefecture University

School of Economics


Develop sharper insights and analytical prowess in small-group seminars to combat an uncertain age.

The School of Economics, embodying the Department of Economics and the Department of Business Administration, teaches more than just those subjects. The big difference we offer is that students can also learn about the law. Our curriculum, which focuses on practical applications, comprises courses in business strategy, marketing, financial accounting, information technology and more. Our graduates are ready to immediately enter the work force with a powerful strategic skill set.

Educational Objectives of the School of Economics
The School of Economics develops human resources that have a deep knowledge of the specialized areas of economics and business administration and the law related to these areas, have an outstanding ability in the area of theoretical and empirical analyses of the economic and business administration problems in modern society, and are able to contribute to the development of society because they have a strong international sensibility and have received an extensive education.