Osaka Prefecture University

Employment Information at Osaka Prefecture University



Date of
Situation Title Area of Research Submission
Aug. 29, 2018 Open (Data / Information Centric) Network Control, Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Application to Network Control, Operation and Management, and Network Security / Privacy. In particular, the candidates who have experience of experimental researches on the above fields are welcomed. Nov. 2, 2018
Aug. 1, 2018 Open Chemical Engineering, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Energy Engineering Oct. 1, 2018
Jul. 27, 2018 Open Quantum theory of solid state physics, especially, development of theoretical framework for analysis of X-ray spectroscopy, such as X-ray photoemission and resonant X-ray emission, for strongly correlated electron systems. Experiences in first-principles energy band calculation and in computer simulation are welcomed. Sep. 27, 2018
Jul. 23, 2018 Open Department of Biological Science, Graduate School of Science is seeking for those who contribute to research and education in the field of cell biology and molecular biology on nervous system. Sep. 28, 2018
Jul. 12, 2018 Open Structural Engineering and/or Vibration Engineering related to Aerospace Engineering or Mechanical Engineering. Those who can be affiliated with the Small Spacecraft System Research Center in Osaka Prefecture University, and research and develop small satellites. Sep. 21, 2018
Jun. 26, 2018 Open Organic chemistry, especially directing to develop new synthetic methodologies which leads to a breakthrough in organic chemistry Oct. 15, 2018