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4 OPU actively accepts international students from around the world to promote the internationalization of its education and research. Currently, about 290 international students (including exchange students) from 22 countries and regions are studying at OPU. More than 50 international exchange students from our overseas partner institutions visit our campus every year. OPU International Students Global Education OPU promotes global education through academic collaborations and student exchanges with overseas in-stitutions as well as overseas international organizations. OPU offers global education programs designed to encourage students to study abroad. Overseas Network OPU has been expanding its overseas network, especially with Southeast Asia. As of May 1, 2019, OPU has relation-ships with 161 partner institutions in 39 countries and re-gions. OPU conducts pioneering research in collaboration with these institutions and promotes student exchange. Information about OPU’s Worldwide Research and Education Network GGuueesstt PPrrooffeessssoorr PPrrooggrraamm OPU invites many leading researchers and educators as Guest Profes-sors throughout the year. This program aims to stimulate students' intel-lectual growth, provide first-hand access to the finest in world-class re-search, and build tighter relations between OPU and leading universities around the world. SSttuuddeenntt WWoorrkksshhoopp PPrrooggrraammss The Organization for International and Scientific Exchange offers a variety of international student workshop programs for undergraduate and grad-uate students. Number of International Students* (as of May 1,2019) * Including exchange students and research students 1341717773332222225《《Postgraduate ::208》》China((134))France((17))Vietnam((17))Bangladesh((7))Korea((7))India((3))Taiwan((3))Thailand((3))Mexico((2))Mongolia((2))Nepal((2))Norway((2))Philippines((2))Sri Lanka((2))Others((5))6312511111《《Undergraduate: 85》》China((63))Korea((12))Taiwan((5))Cambodia((1))Indonesia((1))Laos((1))Malaysia((1))Myanmar((1))1Benin, Egypt, Germany, Laos, Malaysia


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