Osaka Prefecture University


Department of Nursing

Department of Nursing

Knowledge, skill and human dignity

Liberal Arts

We aim to nurture in our nurses a holistic and multifaceted ability to understand people, a linguistic ability that allows them to view things with a global outlook, an ability to process all kinds of information related to health and medicine, an ability to think in a scientific manner and a sense of humanity.

Fundamental Nursing

Students learn about nursing by forming an understanding of people, the beneficiaries of nursing; the environments that those people live in; and health, the end goal of nursing. Furthermore, students acquire the fundamental techniques of nursing, and then study the expertise and skills needed to apply the benefits that nursing care can offer those most complex of beings: people.

Family Health Nursing

Students learn how to provide assistance to help maintain and improve family health and prevent illness in accordance with the various lifestyles, relationships, developments and other circumstances that are part of family life, as well as the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to guide families through various health issues.

Comprehensive Community Health Nursing

Nurses must provide care to a range of people, including the growing geriatric populations of its communities, and people with mental disabilities. Here, students acquire the knowledge and skills needed to provide care to all age groups, including everything from preventive treatments like health maintenance to home-based care.

Adult Health Nursing

Students acquire the knowledge and skills to provide care to cater for the whole spectrum of health issues faced by adults. Based on sound nursing theory, students learn how to assist with health recovery and maintenance to improve quality of life, and to provide support to ensure serenity in death.