Greetings from the Director (Research Organization for University-Community Collaborations)

Director Photo

Research Organization for University-Community Collaborations restarted in FY 2011 by adding the functions as facilitating regional collaborations/social contributions to Organization of Industry, University and Government Cooperation founded in FY 2005 when Osaka Prefecture University (hereinafter OPU) was incorporated.

Conventionally, education and research are the two important social missions that universities have to fulfill, but now, regional collaborations and social contributions are strongly sought as the third one, and OPU has been encouraging cooperation among industry, the university and the government as well as regional collaborations ahead of other universities.

OPU has been proactively creating innovations and contributing to society through cooperation among the three sectors with the promotion of advanced basic research or collaborations with private enterprises by actively utilizing the external funding from private enterprises as well as competitive funding. In addition, OPU always boasts the top-class performance on these activities among public universities, while advancing the technology transfers and returning intellectual properties to society.

Moreover, we would like to sufficiently exhibit our functions as being a think-tan and providing lifetime education while expanding the regional/social contributions fitted to the needs of the community via various symposiums and extension courses in I-site Namba (so-called Namba Center) established in the center of Osaka.

Our organization includes Center for Industry, University and Government Cooperation and Research Administration Center. The former widely promotes cooperation among industry, the university and the government and the latter supports research by our faculty members and the regional innovations.

In order to disseminate regional cooperation /social contributions, our organization also has Regional-Cultural Studies Center, Radiation Research Center, Center for Lifelong Learning, Center for Research and Development of Bioresources, R&D Center for the Plant Factory and Research Center for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy, and all of these six centers make every effort to connect education and research nurtured in OPU to society.

Furthermore, as our auxiliary research facilities, there are Research Center for Advanced Science and Joint Research Center for Science and Technology, both of which continue basic/advanced research.

As I shall dedicate myself so that our organization can serve all of the functions sufficiently, I will greatly appreciate your further guidance and encouragement.

Yoshihiko IMAI
Director of Research Organization for University-Community Collaborations
Osaka Prefecture University