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February 2012 Features "Leading Technologies"

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OPUSAT Bound for Space



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Inside the cube satellite

OPUSAT is a nano satellite designed and created by an OPU student team consisting of about 20 undergraduates and graduates at the Small Spacecraft Systems Research Center (SSSRC).

"It's not always easy to engage in the development of OPUSAT and do my study at the same time. But the successful development of power sources for nano satellites is industrially meaningful, and I believe we can make it," says Masashi Yanagida, an undergraduate member at SSSRC.

Last September in Nevada, U.S.A., the project team successfully executed a test launch of OPUSAT (at the first development phase) for operational checks of morse code output, the development of paddles and experiments in LIC performance.

"We can face challenges and difficulties because we have dreams. No other difficulties are nearly as exciting as being able to develop and launch nano satellites we can be proud to show to the world. I hope what we do will bring the world a little change for the better," says Yohsuke Nambu, Assistant Professor at the Graduate School of Engineering responsible for the OPUSAT project.

OPUSAT is scheduled to be completed by March 2013. It will orbit around the earth for up to one year, and will be remotely controlled from the control room on the OPU campus when passing above Osaka.