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December 2011 Features "Voices from International Students"

LastUpDate: December 19, 2011

Crisis Gave Me New Chances

At the OPU Japanese Speech Contest

So Wang Sub won the Jury Prize at the OPU Japanese Speech Contest

So Wang Sub

With OPU students (So Wang Sub, right)

So Wang Sub
The Graduate School of Engineering

After I came to OPU, I found I could not get the scholarship I was supposed to receive because my admission to OPU was considered to be an exceptional case. As my savings to support my life in Japan were not enough, I tried to get a part-time job to make ends meet, but it ended in vain. I was losing my self confidence among strangers in a strange country. Then I met a friend who supported me by saying "You will be happy again after you get through this time, just the same as you have got through difficulties and recovered in the past. Do not worry! I will be there for you!" I was saved by her smile and generosity and gradually got back my can-do spirit and self-esteem.

Six years ago, I served mandatory military service for two years in Korea. It was unbearably tough, physically and mentally. But the experience was also worth going through in order to strengthen my endurance capacity and to learn to maintain the spirit of respect.

All those difficulties I have experienced in the past really made me strong in body and mind and gave me opportunities to appreciate all the support I received from people around me. Now I am working hard as an exchange student at OPU as well as a part-time Korean teacher. I hope my story could give you a little courage to make a step forward in your life.