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Campus Calendar 2016
Event Schedule
April Beginning of Spring Semester 4/1
Entrance Ceremony 4/6
Beginning of Class 4/11
May University Festival “Yuko-sai” (held on Nakamozu Campus) 5/28, 5/29
June Joint Sports Competition (vs. Osaka City University) 6/11, 6/12
July Joint Sports Competition (vs. Tokyo Metropolitan University) 7/1-7/3
Spring Semester Exams 7/25-8/5
(Habikino Campus 8/1-8/5)
August Summer Holidays 8/10-9/25
September End of Spring Semester 9/25
Beginning of Fall Semester
Beginning of Class
Entrance Ceremony (Graduate School)
October University Festival “Anju-sai” (held on Habikino Campus) 10/29, 10/30
November University Festival “Shirasagi-sai” (held on Nakamozu campus) 11/4-11/6
Joint Sports Competition of Kansai Six Public Universities 11/12, 11/13
December Winter Holidays 12/29-1/7
January Beginning of Class 1/6
Fall Semester Exams 1/23-2/3
(Habikino Campus 1/30-2/3)
March Graduation Ceremony 3/24
End of Fall Semester 3/31