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The 9th NanoSquare Workshop took place

LastUpDate: November 10, 2015

The 9th NanoSquare Workshop took place on October 30th. The workshop functioned partly as the annual assessment for tenure-track faculty members belonging to NanoSquare. NanoSquare tenure-track faculty members were hired via international open recruitment, and English was the official language during the process. Therefore, English is also used throughout the entire time of the yearly-based assessments and the workshop is no exception.

The program started with an opening address by Prof. Tsuji, President, followed by the annual report by Prof. Ishida, Program Officer. Prof. Onishi from the Graduate School of Science delivered the keynote talk entitled “New Vision of the Universe Explored by State-of-the-Art Radio Telescopes”.

Subsequently, the tenure-track faculty members gave presentations: “High-Pressure Synthesis of Novel Functional Materials” by Dr. Yamada, “Electrode Contacts to Two-Dimensional Semiconductors” by Dr. Nouchi, “Elucidation of Branching Morphogenesis Mechanisms by Controlling Cell Culture Environments” by Dr. Hagiwara and “Catalytic Materials Design for Energy and Environmental Applications” by Dr. Kamegawa.

There was a question and answer session after every presentation and each presenter answered questions from the audience as well as the assessment committee members when time allowed.

Following the presentations, we were able to seek valuable comments from four external assessment advisory members and then Prof. Maekawa, Vice President, concluded the event.

Presantation by Dr.Nouchi


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