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Graduate students from Mahidol University in Thailand meet with students in the OPU Graduate School of Nursing

LastUpDate: October 26, 2015

This year two students each from the Ramathibodi and Siriraj Hospitals of Mahidol University participated in a joint training program from Sept 24 until Oct 7 with the OPU Graduate School of Nursing. Besides taking nursing classes at OPU, the visitors made field trips to observe nursing, treatment and education at places like Habikigaoka Primary School and the Osaka Medical Center and Research Institute for Maternal and Child Health.

The day before returning to Thailand, on Oct 6, the four students gave presentations on their research at the Habikino campus. OPU graduate students listened attentively to presentations in fluent English on such topics as “Including Spouses in Fatigue Management Programs for Postpartum Mothers with Caesarean Sections” and “Effectiveness of Communicating via Tablet Between Nurses and Caregivers and Pediatric Patients on Ventilators”. The ensuing question and answer periods were lively. Following the presentations there was a closing ceremony and a farewell party. At the latter the Thai students appeared in their brilliant native dress and taught the Japanese students their famous festival dance. In these two weeks both sides learned about culture and nursing in the other’s country.

Each campus will host this two-week training program in alternate years.


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