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Shoya Ishimaru of the OPU Engineering Dept selected for the IPA Mitoh Program

LastUpDate: July 20, 2015

The IPA (Information-technology Promotion Agency) has announced the result of its 2015 recruitment for the New IT Talent Discovery and Promotion Project, otherwise known as the Mitoh Program.

Shoya Ishimaru, a second year PhD student in Prof. Koichi Kise’s Intelligent Media Processing Group of the Osaka Prefecture University Graduate School of Engineering, was selected for his work on “Development of a system to visualize the condition of the heart”.

The Mitoh Program was created to discover and cultivate “supercreators”, young outstanding talent that can innovate and push new IT technology.

From left: Dr. Tsuji, President of OPU, Shoya Ishimaru and Executive Director Imai(Public Relations)

About the Mitoh Program(IPA Website)


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