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Discovery of a mechanism to increase the uptake efficiency of exosomes in cancer cells

LastUpDate: July 01, 2015

Discovery of a mechanism to increase the uptake efficiency of exosomes (vesicles involved in intercellular communication) in cancer cells and its expected application to drug delivery to cancer cells

The research team of Dr Ikuhiko Nakase (N2RC, Osaka Prefecture University), Prof Tetsuhiko Yoshida, Dr Nahoko Bailey Kobayashi (KARC, Keio University) and Dr Tomoka Takatai-Nakase (School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Mukogawa Women’s University) have discovered a mechanism that increases the uptake efficiency of exosomes in cancer cells. They found that they could induce micropinocytosis (a form of uptake of nutrients from outside the cell) by stimulating certain cancer-related receptors. They also found that oncogenic K-Ras-expressing cancer cells exhibit intensive micropinocytosis. Their findings contribute to our understanding of micropinocytosis-mediated cellular uptake of exosomes and have application to exosomal delivery systems and to biological, pharmaceutical and medical research.

The results of this research were published in the on-line open-access journal Scientific Reports (Nature Publishing Group), June 3, 2015.

Active macropinocytosis induction by stimulation of epidermal growth factor receptor and oncogenic Ras expression potentiates cellular uptake efficacy of exosomes


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