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Chronic intake of Euglena seems to alleviate stomach ulcers

LastUpDate: June 16, 2015

At the 67th conference of the Vitamin Society of Japan on June 5, 2015, Dr Yoshihisa Nakano, a Visiting Professor at the OPU Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences (Hiroshi Tsuji, President), and Euglena Co, Ltd (Mitsuru Izumo, President) presented that chronic intake of powdered Euglena, a microscopic alga commonly known as midorimushi in Japan, or its characteristic constituent paramylon seems to alleviate stomach ulcers, according to research undertaken jointly by the two.

Stomach ulcers are a modern affliction in which the stomach membrane is injured by gastric acid, causing erosion of the membrane and resulting in pain and bleeding.

In their experiment, rats were fed one of four different diets: one including Euglena, paramylon or amorphous paramylon powder, or a normal (control) diet. They then gave the rats ulcers by dipping them in water to stress them out, and determined the extent of their ulcers.

Their results supported the hypothesis that the diets with Euglena, paramylon or amorphous paramylon powder suppress the formation of ulcers in rats.

Future research on the functionality of Euglena and its characteristic constituent paramylon will focus on its use and applications in medicine and its added value as a food ingredient.

Details of the research results are provided below.

Content of the research (on confirming the extent of formation of ulcers)

Rats were fed one of four diets (with Euglena powder, with paramylon powder, with amorphous paramylon powder or a normal diet) for two weeks.

The rats were then submerged in water for 18 hours while allowing them to breathe, to induce ulcers through stress. Subsequently, when the conditions of their stomachs were checked, the researchers confirmed that the three powder diets tended to suppress the formation of ulcers more than the normal diet did.

Figure: The change in extent of stomach ulcer formation


The results indicate that oral administration of paramylon or amorphous paramylon powder is effective in alleviating the symptoms of stomach ulcers. In particular, they show that Euglena powder has a statistically significant effect in alleviating the symptoms of stomach ulcers.


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