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Development of a film that quickly and efficiently converts light into heat

LastUpDate: May 14, 2015

A research team at Osaka Prefecture University that includes Dr. Atsuko Kosuga, Dr. Takuya Iida, and Dr. Shiho Tokonami, together with GreenChem Inc have developed a “photothermal film” that features densely assembled metal nanoparticle-fixed bead on a polymer substrate, and they publicly demonstrated that it quickly and efficiently converts light into heat. The patent for this result is pending. When these spheres are gold nanoparticles, they can raise their temperature by 45℃ (from 25℃ to 70℃) after exposure to artificial sunlight for only 100 seconds.

This result was first published in “Nanoscale”, a journal of the British Royal Society of Chemistry, available on-line on April 14, 2015.

A high performance photothermal film with spherical shell-type metallic nanocomposites for solar thermoelectric conversion

Important Points

  • A film with densely assembled metal nanoparticle-fixed bead has been developed that converts light into heat efficiently.
  • It can raise its temperature about 45℃(from 25℃ to 70℃) in less than 100 seconds.
  • We expect that with this material we can develop a portable auxiliary energy source and a small, flexible, portable thermoelectric generator driven by sunlight.


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