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Special Guest Professor Program 2014: Prof. Roderick O’Donnell (University of Technology, Sydney)

LastUpDate: February 24, 2015

Osaka Prefecture University invites many leading researchers and educators as Guest Professors throughout the year. Each invited professor spends approximately one month at OPU to conduct special lectures, seminars, and individual discussions with faculty and students. The Guest Professor Program aims to stimulate students’ intellectual growth, to provide firsthand access to the finest world-class research, and to build tighter relations between OPU and leading universities around the world.

Our thirteenth guest in 2014 is Prof. Roderick O’Donnell from University of Technology, Sydney(Business School) in Australia. Prof. O’Donnell is renowned researcher in the field of Macro Economics and one of the great pioneers in the study of Cambridge School. During his stay from December 11 to December 24, he gave lectures and seminars for the students of the Graduate School of Economics, as well as for the undergraduate students of College of Sustainable System Sciences, together with many opportunities of discussion with them. OPU has student exchange program with UTS and Prof. O’Donnell made a brief presentation of Sydney and UTS during the class for undergraduate students.


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