Osaka Prefecture University

Executive Members

Executive Board Members
Executive Director and Vice President (Education and Research) Minoru ISHII
Executive Director (General Affairs) Masayuki KAMITANI
Executive Director (Osaka Prefecture University College of Technology) Tokuichi FUJIWARA
Executive Director (Accounting) Kumi IDE
Vice President
Executive Director and Vice President (Education and Research) Minoru ISHII
Vice President (Education and Admission) Tetsuya TAKAHASHI
Vice President (Common Education) Masazumi YAMASAKI
Vice President (Research) Joji YAMATE
Vice President (Student Affairs) Atsuhiko YOSHIDA
Dean, Graduate School of Engineering Masahiro TATSUMISAGO
Dean, Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences Takashi KAWAGUCHI
Dean, Graduate School of Science Koji MIZOGUCHI
Dean, Graduate School of Economics Masashi KONDO
Dean, Graduate School of Humanities and Sustainable System Sciences Shogo MAKIOKA
Dean, Graduate School of Nursing Masae UENO
Dean, Graduate School of Comprehensive Rehabilitation and College of Health and Human Sciences Kuniharu OKUDA
Dean, College of Sustainable System Sciences Koji OTSUKA
Dean, College of Engineering Ryohei YOKOYAMA
Dean, College of Life, Environment, and Advanced Sciences Tadayoshi TAKEUCHI