Osaka Prefecture University

Campus Life

Campus life

Campus Calendar

April Beginning of Spring Semester
Entrance Ceremony
Beginning of Class
May University Festival “Yuko-sai” (held on Nakamozu Campus)
June Joint Sports Competition (vs. Osaka City University)
July Joint Sports Competition (vs. Tokyo Metropolitan University)
Spring Semester Exams
August Summer Holidays
September End of Spring Semester
Beginning of Fall Semester
Autumn Degree Awarding Ceremony
Beginning of Class
Entrance Ceremony (Graduate School)
October University Festival “Anju-sai” (held on Habikino Campus)
November University Festival “Shirasagi-sai” (held on Nakamozu campus)
Joint Sports Competition of Kansai Six Public Universities
December Winter Holidays
January Beginning of Class
Fall Semester Exams
March Graduation Ceremony
End of Fall Semester

Campus Life Video

Osaka Prefecture University students made a YouTube video about International Student Life in OPU.
There’re English, Chinese and Japanese subtitles. Click the gear icon and choose your language.

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