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Tsubasa Nursery

Osaka Prefecture University Tsubasa Nursery

OPU has set up a childcare facility on its premises to support its faculty members, etc., to deal with both work and childcare and to foster gender equality. The facility is being managed under contract by the local social welfare organization.
Interested parties are asked to contact the Support Center for Women in the Research.

Childcare facility outline

Location Nakamozu Campus, Osaka Prefecture University
Date of establishment April 1, 2011
Qualifications Faculty member, etc., (including students) of OPU
Child age range Age 0 (57 days old) to children prior to elementary school entrance *Care for sick or recuperating children not provided
Capacity 10
Childcare service days Mondays to Fridays (closed on Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, New Year holidays (Dec 29 – Jan 3) *The schedule might be changed when necessary.
Hours Normal hours: 8:30 — 18:15 Extended hours: 8:00– 8:30; 18:15 — 19:00 *Advanced application required in units of 15 minutes
Facility charges(incl. consumption tax) Age 0-2: 54,000yen/month Age 3 and over: 41,040yen/month
Extended care charge: 270yen/15 min *Admission fee: 10,800yen (incl. tax) required
Documents to be submitted Childcare facility use application; certificate of employment for spouse
Others Users of the childcare facility are allowed to commute by car.

*Temporary childcare guide Provided that there is room in facility capacity, temporary childcare (in single days) is also available with advance registration. Please submit the childcare facility use application.

Charge(including consumption tax)

Age 0-2: 4,320yen/day Age 3 and over: 3,240yen/day
Extended care charge: 270yen/15 min *Temporary childcare registration fee of 5,400yen (incl. tax) required