Osaka Prefecture University

College of Health and Human Sciences

Taking a systematic approach to learning in nursing, rehabilitation, welfare, and education in order to comprehensively support and enhance the well-being of each member of our society

College of Health and Human Sciences Learning Fields

The College of Health and Human Sciences combines the academic fields of nursing, rehabilitation, welfare, and education into an integrated curriculum that explores approaches to ensuring solutions to issues threatening human well-being. The College focuses on three academic areas: nursing, which supports the physical, mental, and social aspects of human health; comprehensive rehabilitation, which supports the health of people from prevention to recovery in our long-lived society; and social welfare and education, which supports and ensures a dignified life for all people. In addition to existing traditional professionals such as nurses, physical therapists, teachers, and social workers, these areas of study aim to foster new professionals with multiple specialities and a broader understanding of human beings.

School of Nursing

SSchool of Nursing

The school equips nurses with professional knowledge and skills to support advanced health care. Students can utilize these skills and knowledge to care for people from various backgrounds including pregnant women or mothers, children, adults, and the elderly as well as to promote healthy living habits.

School of Comprehensive Rehabilitation

SSchool of Nursing

In three fields the school trains three types of specialists: 1) physical therapists to work with physical functions, 2) occupational therapists to work with physical and mental health, and 3) clinical nutritionists to work with health management using appropriate diets. Since the three fields are linked, students specialized in one field and also obtain comprehensive knowledge in the other relevant fields.

School of Social Welfare and Education

School of Social Welfare and Education

The school combines the areas of welfare, child and family, and education studies. Students intensify their knowledge of individual specialized areas while gaining a broader perspective of humanity. Because one of the pressing issues in Japan is the creation of a society that links education and welfare, this school aims to help society by producing professionals who can interact with other professionals in various occupations.